Rosemary Forbes-Butler

Rosemary is a soprano of great acclaim whose voice is heard on many recordings of film sound tracks as well as concerts around the world.

With a remarkable, unforgettable voice savoured throughout Europe, Rosemary Forbes-Butler is a highly sought-after soprano for a variety of vocal requests.  Now residing in both England, her country of birth, and Italy, Rosemary has a wealth of experience as an opera singer, baroque vocalist, musical actress, studio vocalist, rock singer, jazz singer, commercials belter and vocalist for film soundtracks.

Rosemary is particularly renowned for her vocal versatility.  She has performed with José Carreras in Carmen, with John Amis at the Wigmore Hall and has had the pleasure of recording with: Pavarotti, Roberto Alagna, Michael Jackson, Enya, Mike Oldfield, LL Cool J and The Pet Shop Boys.  Rosemary performs in numerous contemporary styles, from croon to

scat jazz, pop to cabaret as well as baroque, renaissance, bel canto and verismo. She enjoys recording film sound tracks  Recent films include the latest Pirates of the Caribbean and The Great Wall.

Rosemary is in great demand for her inspired and talented performances of Venetian music, which she has performed in the UK and in Italy including the Fenice Opera House.  She gives recitals of From Venice with Love a programme mainly of baroque and renaissance music but which includes songs written for her by the Ventetian composer Ilario Gastaldello who is also a gondolier. She also performs regularly with the Venetian Baroque Trio.

Invited to create a concert based around Shakespeare, she first presented Where is Fancy Bred publicly in Palazzo

Mocenigo museum in 2015 and for the Cini Foundation, Venice in 2016.

She was also invited to perform A Ring Around Wagner, a one woman humorous show for the Fenice in the Sala Apollinee.

contact info@rosemaryfb.com